Day Thirty: Finito

To all those you followed the S.O.L.O Diary and to those who will continue to follow this blog, I want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to do so. I will not be posting anything today except my sincere gratitude.

I will however be discussing my experiences and will continue blogging within the next few days. If you wish to read previous entries from the S.O.L.O Diary you will find them under ‘Categories’ on the home page. Thank you once again and have a splendid week ahead.



Blogging 101: Thank you Katie!

Work and sleep have made blogging difficult for me but the pressure to continue with Blogging 101 has given me a reason to write this post. The past two assignments have been about commenting and building on these comments. Well, I did comment and I was supposed to follow through with the next assignment but then I found @mylifeaskatie

2014-11-15 01_39_33-My Life As Katie _ _Maybe I'm on a mission but I'm ready to fly. I'm alone, on m

I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t read every post. I skimmed through the blog and read bits and pieces except for What My Dogs Taught Me About Life; that was indeed a beautiful post. It reminded me of my own dogs and how much they taught me. Like Katie, my dogs make me think about the true meaning of loving someone unconditionally; faults and all.

I want to dedicate this post to Katie’s blog simply because I think that it is worth reading what she writes about. Her posts make me realize that I am not the only person who thinks and feels a certain way; there are others like me out in this world. So without dragging this any longer I would like to say:

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