Day Twenty-Eight: A Humble Epiphany

Today the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of the Epiphany. It’s long history and mixed significance is a reminder of the changes and divisions the church has faced over the centuries.

Aramaic New Testament. (2013)

When I was little, it was a reminder that Christmas was over and the decoration has to be brought down. It was also the one day in the year we sang the hymn ‘We Three Kings’. Today when I think of the feast of the Epiphany, the stark contrast between being rich and poor stands out like the northern star in the night sky.

The story may be a hot topic for debate, it may also seem fairy-tale like or may lack authenticity in many ways but its crux is something to think about. Three kings traveled to greet a baby with gifts fit for a prince? The baby was born in a manger and said to be the son of a carpenter? But hang on, he is also supposed to be the Son of God.

If Jesus were to be born today I’m sure we would have Obama asking his secretary to send a formal greeting and perhaps the Queen of England would do the same. Come to think of it, I highly doubt the Pope would make an appearance. The birth of another royal baby or perhaps Brangelina  extending their family would gain more attention.

But no, no that is not the point I am trying to emphasize here. What I am trying to wrap my mind around here is the theme which focuses on humility. Three kings visiting a poor little baby who lived with livestock highlights the humble nature of these rulers.

It also goes on to make me think that one of the most important factors in life is humility. It doesn’t matter who the other person is, what they are like or where they are from. As humans we must keep an open heart and an open mind.

If the kings had to judge the baby based on the possessions he had at that point of time, the child would have probably been sidelined. Then when the truth would be revealed, the kings would probably go, “Crap! That kid was truly a king. Why were we so shallow to judge him the way we did?” But then of course it would be too late.

This New Year if we are looking to improve ourselves, I would consider being more humble. Live with an open mind and an open heart. What is the worst that could possibly happen? Imagine the surprises that would come your way though!

A very happy feast to all those who celebrate the Epiphany. May your celebrations not only expand your bellies but also your minds.