When you are a kid everything seems possible, then life happens to you and the world as-you-know-it will never be the same. But this process is a cycle; as you grow you begin to see yourself in different shades and hues…. some bright and some dull.

As a child I was probably too easy-going, in a sense I could say that I lacked ambition because winning meant squat to me. I did things because I enjoyed it and it never mattered what the end result was. In most cases I got bored and left half way. Now I don’t disapprove my nature because that is who I am – A Renaissance Soul; but I sometimes feel that tasting achievement and accomplishment is a good thing.

With this in mind, I have decided to come up with a Challenge Jar where I shall put in all the stuff I wish to do in the years to come along with a deadline. The concept is similar to a Bucket List but I have customized it to suit my ever-changing interests.  

So without blabbing any further I shall start with my list. As I accomplish each challenge I will post it up with a pretty picture and a short description.


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