12 Pains Of Christmas: Now In Pictures

I present to you the 12 Pains Of Christmas: An Illustration. I hope you enjoy the post as much as I enjoyed the song. 😉

The first thing at Christmas that’s such a pain to me
Is finding a Christmas tree.


The second thing at Christmas that’s such a pain to me:
Rigging up the lights


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Analyzing A Women’s Foot-In-Mouth Conversation

About a week ago I was at the local cafe having a late lunch which I tried desperately to stuff down my throat. I generally prefer not to pick on people’s conversations but that day I couldn’t help but overhear three women discussing someone named Theresa.

Image from ilovepinks

The attire and body language made it clear that these women had the dough. All three of them were in their early twenties and probably came from wealthy families that could afford to pay for their designer bags and their more-than-perfect faces. Out of the three, one of the women –let’s call her Queen Bee– talked endlessly as she narrated an incident about a girl named Theresa. The other two listened attentively with constant remarks on Theresa’s behavior, personality and the likes. Continue reading

The Chronicles of My Pie Life

Janet Kruskamp. (2012)

The Chronicles of My Pie Life is a rough and brief timeline put together to illustrate my pie discoveries. Do you know of some rare pies? I would love to try them!

At 5ish….

The phrase I remember till date is ‘pudding and pie’. Pudding referred to a homemade cake where the main ingredient was stale leftover bread and in some instances sweet potato and even banana. Pie referred to some kind of dish I saw in cartoons like the one above.

Olives-n-Okra (2011)

At 8ish…

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Oh!!! To Love A Pole Dancer

Nighthawks (1942) by Edward Hopper

After three straight hours of pole dancing at Big Daddy’s and collecting tips enough to buy her a pair of Jimmy Choos, Marilyn felt disgusted and empty and it wasn’t because of her line of work. She had the perfect personality and traits for the job. Her fiery red hair matched her temper in the same manner as her alluring smile matched her seductive charm. The woman wanted out. She felt that her flexible body could be put to better use like winning a talent shows on live television.

She wandered the streets of New York in search of inspiration and alcohol to lift her de-motivated spirit. Inspiration never came but she did find alcohol at the corner of Greenwich Avenue. As she walked through the door Continue reading