Day Eleven: My Christmas Symbols

What is Christmas without its symbols? The colours of Christmas; do they mean anything to you? Or is it just a visual representation of the season? Today as I wandered about in the mall I realized that the decor around me meant more than just the usual “oh-goody-Christmas-is-here” feeling. The happiness and music in the air egged me on to write about this. It is important to remember that Christmas is so much more than a commercial holiday; it is about family, love, laughter and new beginnings. For today’s post I have decided to pick three symbols that I can relate to.


It reminds us that in the darkness of life there is still a glimmer of light – a hope for something better; perhaps a brighter tomorrow.


When I see bells I imagine the soft music they make (sometimes loud) which in most cases is joyous. It reminds me of happy announcements, moments and a certain calmness that can stand the test of time.


The donkey may not be an obvious visual symbol that would remind a person about Christmas; however it is an important one. It reminds me of simplicity and being down-to-earth. We tend to get lost in the merriment and festivities but the essence of this occasion has always been simplicity.


This brings me to the last part of this post; what do the colours of Christmas mean to me?

Red – It represents love and warmth. It is spending the holiday with those you love, the ones that make you feel welcomed, included and needed.


Green – To me green stands for Mother Nature. It was the hay that kept the baby warm, the animals that greeted the little Jesus and let us not forget the star that guided the visitors.

White/Gold – I have clubbed these colours together because to me they hold a similar meaning which is LIGHT. When your heart is filled with gratitude for the ones you love and towards the earth that has given you so much you learn to see the that life is so much bigger, better and perhaps even brighter ….. brighter than the sun – that is what I see as ‘light’.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a happy Thursday! 🙂