Pictures speak a thousand words but what if you never had the time for all those words? This post has five random images I found on Photo. I titled each one of them based on the strongest thought that came to mind when I saw the pictures. What crosses your mind?


By Kristiina Peets. (2005)

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Blogging 101: Thank you Katie!

Work and sleep have made blogging difficult for me but the pressure to continue with Blogging 101 has given me a reason to write this post. The past two assignments have been about commenting and building on these comments. Well, I did comment and I was supposed to follow through with the next assignment but then I found @mylifeaskatie

2014-11-15 01_39_33-My Life As Katie _ _Maybe I'm on a mission but I'm ready to fly. I'm alone, on m

I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t read every post. I skimmed through the blog and read bits and pieces except for What My Dogs Taught Me About Life; that was indeed a beautiful post. It reminded me of my own dogs and how much they taught me. Like Katie, my dogs make me think about the true meaning of loving someone unconditionally; faults and all.

I want to dedicate this post to Katie’s blog simply because I think that it is worth reading what she writes about. Her posts make me realize that I am not the only person who thinks and feels a certain way; there are others like me out in this world. So without dragging this any longer I would like to say:

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A Letter To Sunshine

Dear Sunshine,

You finally showed up today! Your lovely glow has filled me with happiness since the day I could comprehend your existence. I never realized how you have been playing such an important role in my life until yesterday. You visited me for five minutes and then vanished. Continue reading

Blogging 101: Day One – Introduce yourself

Introductions on most occasions leave me speechless; I never know what to say. And even if I do end up muttering or scribbling something, I am likely to reject it to be an introduction to myself. But today I shall try!

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