About Rosie…

1) I am a chocolate addict. I like chocolate and can eat it forever.
2) I think that human rights for animals is something worth thinking about.
3) Baking and gardening remind me of old thatched cottages.
4) I have always wanted to travel to the middle of nowhere.
5) Sunshine makes me happy.
6) I write for myself but I also write for you. It means a lot to me if you made the effort to view my work.


About the blog…

The term DNC simply means ‘Do Not Choose’. Being a person with a ‘Renaissance Soul’, I have a diverse range of interests. This makes it almost impossible to narrow down my interests to one or two or even three topics. To avoid the dilemma of choosing, I decided to create a blog that comprises of everything my mind can possibly find amusing. I hope you enjoy the diversity DNC has to offer. For the organized ones out there, have a look at the category cloud, I’m sure you will find something that interests you there.

Thank you for stopping by!

If you would like to personally get in touch with me, please fill the form below.

I WiLl rEplY!!!! 🙂


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