Day Twenty-One: The Christmas That Was

Mainstream Christmas festivities have always been synonymous with family and having it any other way would come across as odd, unfortunate and sometimes even unacceptable. But the irony of the season could not be more obvious. How many of us really want to spend Christmas with our extended families which we so painstakingly avoid for the rest of the year?


A fraction of you may disagree with what I am about to say but the truth is most of us would love the opportunity to celebrate Christmas the way “we” think it ought to be celebrated. That can be anything from a family BBQ to a holiday in Istanbul to a quiet day in bed. However, not everyone of us can live the dream thanks to family commitments and sparing other’s feelings.

But I – after years of dealing with extended families and depressing gatherings – finally got to spend Christmas the way I wanted to and it was indeed the most wonderful time of the year. The morning was sunny and beautiful which enticed me to visit the park with a book and some coffee. After more than an hour of reading I lay in the grass with headphones shoved in my ears.

The warm sun brightened the white cotton clouds and added life to the green grass. The cool breeze got the branches above me to play peek-a-boo with he sun. The birds chirped and the dogs played while I lay in my beautiful grassy bed listening to Michael Bublé telling me to have a Merry Little Christmas. When I began to get hungry, I finally decided to head back home and into the kitchen where I cooked up a delicious tortellini pasta meal.


To keep the the Christmas atmosphere strong, I decided to watch a Christmas movie followed by some new Christmas songs that I generally did not listen to. I then decided to end the day with stir-fried chicken with bachamel sauce mixed with mushroom, corn and rice. Before crashing in for the night I happened to be browsing the internet in search of articles that spoke about the ways in which people spent Christmas alone. What I found was an interesting list of things to do if you did spend Christmas alone. What was even more interesting was that I actually had done a few things on that list which made me feel quite accomplished.

I sat up reviewing my Christmas Day and it was a good feeling to know that I spent it the way I wanted to. Like I have mentioned previously, Christmas is all about the simplicity. However, mainstream Christmas celebrations are grand, sophisticated and mostly expensive occasions that revolve around materialistic pleasures coupled with the mandatory requirement for fantastic acting skills. My Christmas this time was one that made me realize that the park and all that came along with it was enough to light the Christmas Spirit within me.

To conclude, I would like to say that this Christmas was not just a fun day but also one filled with inspiration and hope. I saw things from a different perspective which has led me to focus on the New Year and new experiences that I can’t wait to be part of.


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