Day Fourteen: Moments

What do I have in common with a bookcase, something cracked and a song I love? A lot actually!

Not too long ago when reflecting on my achievements, I realized that the past 20 odd years of my life could have been much more than what I had already accomplished. To add to it, the people I came across were either the pessimistic kind or they tried to put me down, while a few others were better off than I was ever going to be at my age. It almost felt like my spirit was cracked and all the happiness in me seemed to leak out and drain away.

But then, a week later, something incredible happened. As I walked around the local library I found a bookcase with an interesting selection of books. The one that caught my eye was a story about an old man who decided to go sky-diving at the age of 89. It was not because he was an adventure junkie but in fact it was the exact opposite. He waited all his life for the right moments and the right people; then nearly 50 years later he realized that there is no such thing as the “right moment”. The book also had a number of inspirational quotes which made me realize that life is much more than how we see it.

We fret about the little things everyday like, for example, how we look, what people think of us, how good we really are at what we do, how successful we are –  the list never ends. While this may not always be a bad thing, it does limit what we think about ourselves which in turn can limit our capabilities. As I sat on the couch thinking of ways to free myself from the clutter, my attention went to the music playing in the background. Quiet your mind. Soak it all in. It’s a game you can’t win. Enjoy the ride.

That was all it took me to realize that living is all about being content enough with YOU; that makes the journey worthwhile.

This post was in response to the Daily Prompt.

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