Day Twelve: Christmas With Júlio César

Júlio César was cleaning his paw after his last nail had been neatly trimmed and filed while his mate Jack Sparrow had just received a mid-morning snack. Júlio was lolling about when he spotted the cat who was grumpier than the Grumpy Cat that day. Júlio cocked his head up as Jack Sparrow approached him. “What are you so happy about today?” asked the irritated cat.

“What is not to be happy about?” replied Júlio. “It is Christmas time a.k.a unlimited favorite foods, someone is always around unlike other days where you spend the mornings counting crows, now you get to eat, play and have someone give you a good belly rub when you need one.”

“No one cares you stupid old dog. All that matters to them is their presents and food.” whined the cat. “Haven’t you noticed that you are out almost the entire day and you cannot sit on the couch anymore? Their couch is more important to them than your comfort.”

Hearing this, Júlio stood up and shook the dirt off his back. He then asked Jack Sparrow to follow him to the garage. As they walked towards the door the cat continued to grumble about how the holiday was a crappy time because the humans seem to pay less attention to him and shooed him away from the beautifully decorated house and to cut a long story short; they didn’t care enough. The garage door was ajar and the bulb was still left on.

Júlio shoved the cat in and followed him. Around them were boxes of decoration, gifts and food. The cat smelt a range of aromas and tried to follow his nose to the prize but the dog was quick to divert his attention. He pointed out to a box in the corner which had a big chew bone, a squeaky toy, three cat teasers and a brand new scratching post apart from treats for both Júlio César and Jack Sparrow.

The dog turned to the cat and said, “Do you see all that there? That is for you, me and maybe the shelter. Shows how much they don’t care right?” The cat was scanning the box and finally replied, “That box means nothing. So they bought some stuff for us. How does that make a difference? We have been abandoned out here while they are in there.”

“You sure know how to bring pessimism into a room; don’t you?” said the dog. The cat ignored the growl and continued, “You are a fool…..”

“Oh shut your mouth doofus” said Júlio César. “Any human who takes the trouble to make sure you have a special Christmas meal and presents under the tree on Christmas Day cares enough about you. Did you see the lady of the house cleaning your pillow and my house? Did you see her hang our stockings on the tree? And you say they don’t care enough. If only you knew better….”

How often we ignore the little things that others do for us. It may not be much but they do it anyway because they genuinely care about us. This Christmas let us make it a point to recognize these little acts that otherwise go unnoticed. We are so used to comfort that we forget how important the simple things are. I’m sure Jack Sparrow would prefer a clean pillow and a new scratching post to the old and dirty stuff, don’t you think so too?


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