Day Five: Alcohol – Not Saying NO!

This post is in response to today’s Daily Prompt which was based on writing about any topic for 10 minutes. No edits and additions made! 

I don’t understand the deal with alcohol. Why should it be seen as such a dangerous thing? I think society should really take a step back and observe its attitude towards alcohol. I know what my opposition would yell out. “Alcohol is dangerous. The amount of accidents and fatalities due to alcohol is….. blah blah blah.”

Now let me stop you right there. I do not approve of drinking and driving and I also do not approve of binge drinking and everything that goes along with it. However, I disagree with the way alcohol is portrayed – two extremes where one is encouraging and the other considers it to be evil – and in some cases where the female species is frowned upon for drinking.

In my opinion, if alcohol is held back or seen as a substance that is prohibited, more youngsters are likely to indulge in drinking. However, if children are brought up in societies where it is seen as an acceptable recreational activity done in moderation, then there is a better chance of influencing young adults to drink responsibly.

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