Day One: On Living Alone

Isn’t it annoying when people see you as this fragile little kid when they know you have the heart of a lion? I have never had issues living with myself and my mind is a great source of entertainment. Why then would people ask me the most ridiculous questions I have ever heard? Sure, some people are genuinely concerned about my well-being but most of them can’t wait to hear how miserable one could really be.

Living alone has this stigma to it. If you are in your 20s and you live alone people think you are full of yourself, that it has something to do with sex and casual relationships, that you are way too career-oriented or that you have some other serious under-lying issue that needs to be detected ASAP.

By the time you are in your 30s society feels like you have relationship baggage which cannot be handled or that you fall under the LGBTQ gender category and that you are too afraid to own up. Your lifestyle is seen as pathetic and hopeless. (Remember Bridget Jones’s Diary?)

Come the dreaded 40s and now society is sure you will be dying alone. Never mind that you are a success at whatever you do and that you have actual meaningful friendships with genuine people. For them 40 is the new 70 and the end is so visible; while you on the other hand are yet trying to find a glimpse of the grim reaper.

Getting back on topic, here are some questions I have been asked over and over and over again. I am not sure if this is about people wanting to scrutinize your lifestyle or if it is out of genuine concern, but whatever the case, these are the FAQs I have received when I spread the word about living alone.

  • Will you cook or are you just going to live on instant noodles and soup?

Have I ever lived instant noodles and soup? I just baked a pie a few days ago (Recipe coming shortly) and that is your question after I send you a very appetizing photo of fish pie? Shame on your for not thinking before you speak.

  • How will you manage alone?

What do you mean by “manage alone”? Just because I live with another person doesn’t mean I would expect him or her to be the responsible one while I take on the role of a careless 5-year-old. We have always shared responsibilities and a few added ones are not going to kill me.

  • Christmas will be such a boring time now that you are alone. Don’t you think?

Yes probably…. But it doesn’t have to be that way. And while this passes for a valid question I still think it is stupid to ask me this if you know me because I have been dreaming of celebrating Christmas with myself for the past 5 years. Perfect opportunity; isn’t it?

  • Will you not get scared?

Scared of what? The cookie monster? Or the one in the closet? Yes I get scared. We all get scared. But define ‘scared’! If you mean scared of the dark… then no I do not, but if the scared you are talking about refers to dying alone and no one realizing it, well that thought has crossed my mind.

  • Will you not get bored?

NO! Maybe lazy or depressed, but not bored. Boredom indicates that a person may lack creativity and that is not me. That simply pushes me to use my mind and come up with ways to keep me entertained.

In all fairness these are answers I give people based on what I think is true. Maybe the experience would be different at the end of the month, maybe these things would not necessarily matter. Whatever the case, I shall review this post sometime for now and make a note.


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