SOLO I have spent every Christmas with my family until last year when I moved to a new country. Even that was not so bad because I had my boyfriend with me. This Christmas however is different. My boyfriend will be traveling/holidaying with his family and friends miles away which leaves me alone. To top it all I start work on the very same day that he decides to take-off. Now I know the average girl would probably be upset, perhaps a little nervous and maybe even sad (well anyone would feel sadness), but not me. I have dared myself to make this a fun and entertaining holiday season.

The Challenge

I will be blogging everyday from 8th December 2014 to 7th January 2015 on living alone and Christmas. Because it is impossible for me to focus on just one particular topic I will also include art and crafts, food, inspiration, writing challenges and other musings to keep me and you entertained.

I hope you enjoy this series and maybe be inspired by some of the posts. 🙂

All posts part of this challenge will be categorized under ‘S.O.L.O Diary’.


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