Surviving A Desert Island: 5 Essential Items for Every Idiot

This post is dedicated to my cousin who has always been supportive of my stupidity. I do not intend to embarrass you but if that does happen and if at all you ever read this post…. well, you know me right? 😉

The Scenario

Your best friend is being sent to a Desert Island. What are the five things you would want to give them before they leave.

The five things I would want you to have on a Desert Island are as follows:

1] The Most Important Element

How would you ever survive without drinking water??? So to make sure you keep alive the most important thing you need is some kind of a portable desalination unit.

2] Handy Tool

I know you have delicate nails and you have always been that physically fragile person. Let’s face it, pulling fruits from trees would probably frustrate you to the core. To make life easier on you, for your second item, I shall present you with a Swiss Army Knife.

3] For Guidance and Entertainment

I found a Desert Survival Handbook on Amazon. Obviously the book will help you (I think). And even if it does not it will at the very least pass for a recreational activity because I know you like to read.

4] If You Ever Get Lucky

We have all dreamt of finding treasure as kids, maybe some of us still dream of it till this day. Now a desert island is an interesting location where you are more likely to find the stash. So when you are not too busy trying to survive, why not use this device….. it may just make US rich 😉

5] For Those Days

Sooner than later you will need this dearest cousin sister; and no I ain’t talking about using it for what its ultimate purpose is. You are going to need these fluffy white sticks to survive and make it through and here are 10 awesome examples.

What are the five things you would you give your best friend to survive a Desert Island?

This was in response to The Daily Post

<a href=””>Someone Else’s Island</a>


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