Salad Moments

I never got to finishing this post in time but I wanted to put it up anyway so here it is, my salad moments rather than days.

Family Outings

Kristen Duke. (2013)

There was a time when the entire family – cousins, aunts, uncles, old folks and the four-legged brood – headed out for anything from a daylong picnic to a week-long holiday. The women cooked and the men joked while all enjoyed the icy cold beer. Us kids played indoors and outdoors, enjoyed snacking, lemonade and popsicles. As we grew older we’d hang-out together, picking on the weakest, joking about careers and how each one of us was likely to turn out. Then we actually “grew up”and things changed; permanently.

Gap Year

It was a time where I worried about nothing and did nothing that was expected of the average 21-year-old…. Ohhhh but the things I learnt; not just about the world but about myself as well. Blogging was one of them followed by video editing, gardening, architecture and so on. Learning about the fact that I had potential to be what I want to be was probably one of the best times of my life.

Summer Holidays


School was not always a favorite time for me but come the holidays and I was ecstatic. I loved riding my bicycle, loved morning cartoons which I hardly ever got to watch on school days and enjoyed the days when I got to jump in a pool or have a water fight. There was something magical about those days that I will never get back; maybe it was the friends, maybe the streets or maybe it was just those moments that formed memories.

Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon

We 80’s and 90’s kids cry about it like our world ended the day these channels ceased to air our favorite shows and in a way it is true. Tom and Jerry taught me that no matter how much you fight you can still end up good friends if you want it that way. The Brothers Garcia taught me that family is more important than other things even though we may sometimes take it for granted. The Jetsons and the Flintstones taught me that man has come a long way and meanwhile Captain Planet tried to make us aware of the disasters we are putting our planet through. Those cartoons and sitcoms really were something. 


The time in your life where your worries were all about broken crayons, lost toys and if there was enough ice cream for dessert. It was the simple things hat brought the most joy, a time when cardboard boxes made the most awesome presents and back when you could be piggy-backed every time your feet felt tired. The moment you physically grow is when society expects you to behave adult-like. Has it ever occurred to people that my soul may still be a child; a slow-growing child.


Ever heard of the word ‘tabula rasa’? It means blank slate; that is innocence. A beginning where you see the entire world from a crystal clear viewpoint. Once you pass a certain age you are influenced by people and situations around you; your opinions and thought-process is influenced. But for that one moment in your life your mind is pure, clean and new!

This was in response to the Daily Prompt from the Daily Post.

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