The Chronicles of My Pie Life

Janet Kruskamp. (2012)

The Chronicles of My Pie Life is a rough and brief timeline put together to illustrate my pie discoveries. Do you know of some rare pies? I would love to try them!

At 5ish….

The phrase I remember till date is ‘pudding and pie’. Pudding referred to a homemade cake where the main ingredient was stale leftover bread and in some instances sweet potato and even banana. Pie referred to some kind of dish I saw in cartoons like the one above.

Olives-n-Okra (2011)

At 8ish…

Whenever I was sick on some cold or rainy night, my mum made Shepherd’s Pie. I’m not too sure if it was a comfort food or she made it because it was easy, specially when you have a sick child to care for but it was a delicious potato topped pie with mince and veggies. It was then that I learnt about the potato crust.

Australian Good Taste (2005)

At 10ish….

Pie gained new meaning to life. It was béchamel with mushrooms, corn and chicken baked to perfection. Mostly served at dinners, these leftovers made a fantastic snack for the next day. In other words it was a casserole which was sometimes referred to as “baked dish” but generally called pie by the folks back home.

Guadalupe (2011)

Guadalupe (2011)

At 14ish…

Harrods introduced me to ‘Christmas Pies’. I used the word introduced mainly because I had no freaking idea that someone could dream of emptying half a bottle of brandy, a cup of raisins (back then they had raisins) and goodness knows what else into a dish which is supposed to be served as part of the main course (Refer to At 10ish)….. at least according to my 14 year old self.

At 16ish….

Another Christmas led to another pie discovery; this time is was Apple Pie. The fancy kind with them Granny Smith apples. By now I had heard of fruit pies but they were berry based so the thought of baking apples was an interesting concept to me though I have seen and heard of (not eaten) products with baked apple.

Photography by Crisco from Spatulas, Corkscrews and Suitcases. (2012)

At 21ish….

I finally decided to bake! I had a tin of mixed berries which for some reason I associated with Britain’s countryside and thought that baking a pie would have that whole “rural” effect. (I honestly have no idea why I even think that way). And so I decided to bake my pie from scratch…. crust and all.

Guadalupe. (2011)

Guadalupe. (2011)

At 23ish…

New Zealand welcomed me to a whole new pie adventure. The little snack pies you get here are awesome. Steak and cheese, mince, chicken and corn and of course the crazy but brilliant butter chicken pie invention. And if that was not enough, fast food companies decided to stock up on pie… would you ever consider pie to be a fast food?

Huai Bin from Sixthseal. (2011)


Pie is a pretty interesting food which varies from region to region. Its origins have been traced to 9500 BC and here we are over 10,000 years later munching away on Georgie Pies from Macca’s. It has been a fun journey discovering various pies from Key Lime on the Sims to learning about Vinegar Pie off the internet. I hope to discover more pies by the time I am 50. Any suggestions? 😀

This post was in response to the weekly Writing Challenge.

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