Blogging 101: Thank you Katie!

Work and sleep have made blogging difficult for me but the pressure to continue with Blogging 101 has given me a reason to write this post. The past two assignments have been about commenting and building on these comments. Well, I did comment and I was supposed to follow through with the next assignment but then I found @mylifeaskatie

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I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t read every post. I skimmed through the blog and read bits and pieces except for What My Dogs Taught Me About Life; that was indeed a beautiful post. It reminded me of my own dogs and how much they taught me. Like Katie, my dogs make me think about the true meaning of loving someone unconditionally; faults and all.

I want to dedicate this post to Katie’s blog simply because I think that it is worth reading what she writes about. Her posts make me realize that I am not the only person who thinks and feels a certain way; there are others like me out in this world. So without dragging this any longer I would like to say:

Dear Katie,

Self-appreciation is important, not many people realize that. We try to “fit-in” without realizing that in the process we are throwing away the very elements that make us unique. I liked how you pointed out how materialistic the world has become and how shallow people’s lives can be, but I am also happy that I am not a victim to such a lifestyle.

Another post you wrote went on to describe the effects of social media .I agree 100% with your comments. Isn’t it odd how much attention a person can pay to their virtual existence but do nothing about their rotting minds and souls? What a time period to be part of! We are living on the brink of technology taking over civilization and probably even a downfall of the human race.  

Your latest post on creating an impact is thought-provoking. Well, if you do want to be remembered for generations to come write a book, sing a song, paint a picture or create something incredibly amazing and if you cannot do any of that then crack a joke, people love a good joke. But more than anything have the heart of a dog! They are ever so loving and understanding, ever so gentle and ever so protective. They will be there for you no matter what and love you in designer boots or bare feet.

Maybe, just maybe if we humans had it in us to appreciate and love others the exact same way, without being judgmental and selfish we probably could have the kind of impact you talk about in your post. After all, all that most humans really want is for others to appreciate their efforts.       

Then again the lives lived are filled with shades of grey where most individuals too scared to open up decide to settle for a less than perfect lifestyle filled with a few moments of moments of ‘black and white’ and an eternity of grey.

Katie it was so exciting to read your posts and learn about the stuff that matters to you. I hope you continue to blog and inspire people with your words and experiences.

Good luck!


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