A Letter To Sunshine

Dear Sunshine,

You finally showed up today! Your lovely glow has filled me with happiness since the day I could comprehend your existence. I never realized how you have been playing such an important role in my life until yesterday. You visited me for five minutes and then vanished.

Sky’s overcast look made it seem that you weren’t going to show up at all. She was upset about it, she began to throw a tantrum and there was nothing I could do; it saddened me so much that I began to throw one myself. I wasn’t sure what upset me in the first place; all I know is that your absence saddened me.

I think about the years gone by when I was a child waiting to feel your lovely glow each morning. You woke up early and enveloped everything with your warm and bright smile. Oh that beautiful smile! It used to get so strong by noon that I had to run for cover but nevertheless it was indeed beautiful.

But the times you really took my breath away was at twilight. Purple and pink rimmed Sky reflected your colour on everything around, sometimes you filled her with shades of orange and gold which made me wish I was an artist, at least for long enough to capture the memories on paper. But alas, not even Claude Monet could do your gorgeous smile justice.

Your early morning visits and your lingering light,

Your bubbly presence till nine at night.

The joy and happiness you bring me sure knows no bounds,

As I continue to wait for the next day till you come along.

As an obnoxious teen, things got different. I began to look at you as this thing that disturbs my sleep and forces me to get out of bed every morning. I used to wish you never showed up. Why had you to be so persistent and punctual? I hated how you were partially the reason my skin oozed out droplets of liquid that made me so uncomfortable.

As I grew up, I got older and wiser. A few years ago, I took up gardening. It was such a joy to see the little saplings dancing in your light; you made them so happy. Your glow made them look brighter, your warmth made them stronger and the positivity you radiated made not just them but me as well more grateful. But all of this happened in faraway lands where you almost always showed up and stayed around.

Here I sit, roughly 7000 nautical miles away wishing for things to be the same. I think of how your friendly smile covered my sleeping face and your warm touch gently woke me each morning. It’s just not the same anymore. Each waking morning I wait for you, wait to see you add colour to not just Sky but also to me.

I know I could never live without you even if I really wanted to. I am truly sorry for having ever criticized you and I am indeed grateful for your guiding light, your comforting warmth and the cheerfulness you bring along. Thank you for being all that you are to me; happiness, inspiration, peace, love and laughter.

Your admirer,

This is in response to Blogging101 and Daily Prompt on The Daily Post.

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