Blogging 101: Day One – Introduce yourself

Introductions on most occasions leave me speechless; I never know what to say. And even if I do end up muttering or scribbling something, I am likely to reject it to be an introduction to myself. But today I shall try!

You can call me Rosie because that’s what I like being called. 🙂 I am a twenty something year old on a mission to… (I am not sure what my mission is!) I was born with a Renaissance Soul and hence you will notice that I have no single interest. To know more about this, hit the link; it will explain more about this queer personality.

I took up blogging because it’s a fun way to voice opinions, learn new things about the world around you as well as about yourself. I have never been good at maintaining my blog mainly because I always tried to write on ONE specific topic. However, now that I realized that I am not ‘that-type-of-a-person’ I shall be blogging on pretty much anything that comes to mind. Your support and motivation will me much appreciated since I tend to slack off at times.

On my interests…

  • I enjoy creative writing and hence love responding to Daily Prompts and Writing Challenges.
  • I can sometimes get drawn into current affairs and social issues. On many occasions, I write when I do not agree with the masses or when I’d rather disagree to agree. In other words, I like looking at a new angle rather than accepting the same old same old.
  • General interests include giving into my impulses, football, music, photography, baking, gardening, diverting from the usual, filming, art, culture, animals, travel, random musings and crows.
  • On a more serious note, I am interested in sustainability, waste management, climate change and conservation.

To my reader….

Welcome! My blog is a tad bit messy so please bear with me. I hope you enjoy reading my posts; either way I would be happy to hear from you. If you blog about boxers (the dog), comedy or have a photoblog (I love to interpret photographs), please leave a link below and I will be happy to follow you. (I comb WordPress for this kind of stuff)

In conclusion…

I am stoked to be part of Blogging 101 and getting to know you through your blogs and on The Commons.

See you around! 😀


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