Black Cat Jack

Image by kolarkoler (2014)

It was indeed a dark dark night

Black cat Jack was by my side;

His piercing green eyes shining bright

It was only in him that I could confide.

The food in the fridge

Was what he wanted;

It formed a bridge

And he moaned till he got it.

From his heart to mine

A special connection;

I tear up and whine while he happily dines

For him, I am never a distraction.

Note to reader: Whatever you just read were random sentences and ideas that were pieced together to form this poem. No theme or structure was decided prior to composing this poem. My main priority was to allow the chaos of ideas in my head to find its own rhythm and structure. The writing challenge required me to mention a dark night, a cat and tears. I hope you enjoyed it and saw the genius-cum-absurd beauty behind it.

This post is a response to Trio No. 3 posted under Daily Prompt by The Daily Post.

<a href=””>Trio No. 3</a>


3 thoughts on “Black Cat Jack

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