Oh!!! To Love A Pole Dancer

Nighthawks (1942) by Edward Hopper

After three straight hours of pole dancing at Big Daddy’s and collecting tips enough to buy her a pair of Jimmy Choos, Marilyn felt disgusted and empty and it wasn’t because of her line of work. She had the perfect personality and traits for the job. Her fiery red hair matched her temper in the same manner as her alluring smile matched her seductive charm. The woman wanted out. She felt that her flexible body could be put to better use like winning a talent shows on live television.

She wandered the streets of New York in search of inspiration and alcohol to lift her de-motivated spirit. Inspiration never came but she did find alcohol at the corner of Greenwich Avenue. As she walked through the door she found Dean serving a customer. He gave her a quick smile and asked her to grab a seat. Marilyn’s eyes glanced across the room as she assessed the talent drinking his beer. His defined structure and deep blue eyes looked vaguely familiar but then again half the men she came across looked that way. She took a seat on the other side while Dean prepared her drink.

He nervously began to speak to her, “You’re looking beautiful today.” She smiled back at him, “Yea, but looks can be deceiving.” Dean stared back. “Rough day at work?” he asked.

“Oh it was a fabulous day and the money never stopped. I guess I collected enough to buy me a pair of Jimmy Choo. But I think it is time I moved on.” Now Dean got curious. For the past five months the only reason he worked a late shift was to meet this woman. His first day of work would always be a memorable one because of her. There she was, close to passing out when she mumbled to him how he was the only man who really cared about her. Dean did not have much to his name to attract her but ever since then he hoped she would someday be his.

Marilyn voiced her thoughts “I want to settle down. Find a man with an honest job and a caring heart who loves me for who I am.” Dean looked up to find her eyes lost in his face. “Someone who has the courage to say Marilyn, you are everything I want and I shall want nothing more.” While he contemplated on asking her out she gulped down her third drink.

“What time do you get done?” she asked.

“In about an hour and a half…. Maybe we….” Dean was interrupted by the swinging door. A man in his mid-twenties walked in. He was dressed in a finely tailored suit and his presence captivated the room. Marilyn looked up, smiled and turned on her seductive charm. The man winked and quickly took a seat next to her.

“Can I buy you a drink and maybe then you can tell me your name?” his charming voice filled her ears. “Oh darling, I don’t need a drink to tell you my name. But if you are going to want to know more than that I would like a Myers’s with coke.”

The man signaled to Dean to make it two. “So what brings you here at this hour? Don’t you know the streets can be a dangerous place for good girls like you?”

“So quick to judge, aren’t you?” she fluttered her eyes and smiled while reading the detail in his face. “I’m Marilyn and I can make your wildest dreams come true.”

“I’m Patrick and I look forward to it.” He ran his fingers along hers and continued, “You hands….”

“What about them?” the tipsy Marilyn inquired.

“They are so soft and smooth.” He replied as his fingers ran along her arm.

The man on the opposite side watched them and muttered, “Of course they are! How else is she to slide down that pole?” She looked up at him startled while Patrick shot a confused look around the room.

He grabbed her hand once more and said, “You look like an angel Marilyn. I…”

“Yes but looks can be deceiving Mr. Patrick” the man interrupted again. This time Patrick looked at him and said to the bartender, “Can you please ask this gentleman to refrain from passing such lewd remarks?”

Before Dean could even open his mouth the man grinned back, “With the burden of a heavy heart what can he say to me? If anything, I may indirectly be consoling him” Patrick ignored the comment and called for another drink.

He turned to Marilyn who by now was beginning to feel annoyed but tried to keep a smile on her face for him. “You know Marilyn, I work in a law firm and I have had an exhausting week dealing with the scoundrels of society.  I look at you and feel blessed to have run into you.”

Her thoughts began to ramble. Maybe settling down was the best option. She didn’t need the fame and popularity. She could quit pole dancing for yoga instructing. After all, the main skill for both professions was flexibility and she had it.

Patrick’s voice broke the silence in the room and cut Marilyn’s thoughts short. “I bet you are some kind of model who is stuck in a rut and needs a guiding light.” Marilyn looked surprised, “How did you….”

The man on the other side decided to test Patrick’s patience once more, “Oh you are getting warmer to the truth. Isn’t he Marilyn?” His curt tone pushed the pole dancer to the edge.

“Don’t you dare talk to me that way you sly brute.” The man calmly finished his drink and replied, “Why do you get angry? Do you fear what Patrick may think of you when knows the truth?”

“What truth?” Patrick exclaimed. By now Dean had finished contemplating and realized that he must win the woman of his dreams back from the charming stranger he knows as Patrick.

“Is the truth that bad?” Dean finally spoke out. “So what if this is all she is good at, at least it is better than not having anything.” Marilyn’s eyes began to fill with rage, “This is all that I am good at? Is that what you think of me? Some wasted pole dancer with no ambition trying to make a quick buck?”

“Wait!!! You are a pole dancer?” Patrick was shocked. He could not believe that the woman he was mesmerized by earned her bucks sliding down a pole in a glittery bikini and five-inch heels. “You have a problem with that?” asked the furious redhead.

Before Patrick could reply Dean intruded, “I have loved you Marilyn in spite of knowing you are a pole dancer and in spite of your drinking issues.”

“What drinking issues?” Marilyn was now trying to balance her confusion and agitation but Dean ignored her and carried on.

“Ever since I saw you five months ago you are the only woman I can possibly think of. I am a man of honest work who will love you forever. Marilyn, you are all I want and will ever want. Please say yes!!!”

“Say yes to what Dean?” she asked sounding surprised and genuinely confused. The stranger interrupted, “Settling Marilyn, settling with the poor dimwit! For a woman of your caliber I thought you would be smarter than that.”

Patrick stood up, “You know Marilyn you may be a pole dancer but I can transform you into a lady, teach you manners and etiquette and how to mingle with the higher classes of society. I can have my …..”

“Shut up you weasel!” yelled Marilyn.

The stranger began to grin. Dean tried to defend his lady and spoke warningly to the man, “Don’t you laugh at her. She doesn’t deserve such torment. She is nothing but a lost soul trying to find the right path.”

By now Marilyn had had enough. “What do you men think I am? Some lost cause you all get to pass judgment on? Patrick, I don’t need your education and I don’t need you to teach me to be a lady”

“Marilyn how could you…” But Patrick’s words were ignored as Marilyn continued to rant. “And Dean I don’t need your sympathy; pole dancing is not all I got, it is what I choose to do.”

And to the stranger she said, “And you, what gives you the right to pass comments at strangers? Don’t you know better?”

“Of course I do. But you are hardly a stranger Marilyn.” The man seemed like he was done drinking and getting ready to go. He passed a $20 bill to the bartender and signaled at him to keep the change. He then looked at Marilyn who was waiting for him to continue while Patrick struggled in his mind to find a suitable comeback.

The man continued, “If you do get that pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, I want you to know that I must have paid for at least one shoe.”

I watch you everyday lady and I must say you have talent. Not every dancer can bend their back the way you do”

By now Marilyn had cooled down, “You know me?”

“Sure I do. I was waiting for the right moment to tell you that. I am Wilson Hastings. You may have heard of Hastings Entertainment? My father owns the company.”

Patrick quickly turned to Marilyn, “Darling there is much more to me than this.” But Dean cut him off, “Marilyn I’m sorry I said what I said, but I really do love you and you did say you want someone with an honest job. How can you consider these men to be honest? You…..”

“You cheapskate! What do you think of yourself?” Patrick looked back at Marilyn but before he could say anything Wilson appeared next to her bar stool.

“What’s say you and I head for a stroll around town and then maybe to my place? Maybe we can evaluate how rich and famous your talent can make you?”

The redheaded pole dancer jumped of the bar stool, slipped her hand into Wilson Hastings’s arm and walked through the door and into the night.

She had found the alcohol alright, but inspiration had found her.

This writing challenge (Find A Muse In The Masters) was posted by Kristia from The Daily Post. It is based on the 1942 piece of artwork ‘Nighthawks‘ by American artist Edward Hopper.

<a href=”http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_writing_challenge/find-a-muse-in-the-masters/”>Find a Muse in the Masters</a>

8 thoughts on “Oh!!! To Love A Pole Dancer

  1. Interesting, but I used to know an ex-pole dancer turned yoga teacher / personal coach. She was a master at reading people and finding what she needed to survive. More interesting is that her name was not Marilyn, but closer to yours! Fun stuff. Good read, thanks.


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