My Zodiac: The Unknown

Brown Paper Bag by Ashley Lily Scarlett (2011)

For those born under the zodiac of the Unknown you will be uncertain for most of your life. You are indecisive, confused and question every move and motive. You may even go overboard and question your very identity. More interestingly, you are a bundle of contradictions.

You are a thinker and a creator who wants to change the world. But your social anxiety and random fears stop you from accomplishing your goals. On the other hand you are filled with persistence and dedication which allows you to overcome any setback you may have.

You are random, positive and a true non-conformist who enjoys playing the Devil’s advocate. Though you may sometimes come across as insensitive, those who know you know you are a kindhearted human. Unknowns are some of the best motivators who see potential in everything.

You are more likely to be introverts and performers. Unknowns are like the shy kids no one notices until you come up on stage and steal the show. While you may enjoy the attention you tend to withdraw quickly.

Being talented individuals filled with creativity and ideas, Unknowns tend to have a Renaissance Soul. As you lack focus and structure, it is important for you to work in environments which promote individuality and provide greater freedom.

The Unknown preaches equality amongst all living beings and that includes all flora and fauna. You tend to believe in abstract futuristic ideas that may be difficult for the average human to comprehend.

Above all, Unknowns are genuine and loyal who value honesty and hard work. This zodiac got its namesake from the fact that those born under it have no sense of fixed concrete identity, direction or set plans. However, your persistence for something different and positivity tend to land you exactly where you need to be.

EDIT: As an Unknown, you may be alone but you can never be lonely. You always have yourself for company who indeed is a colourful soul. You may be seen as a procrastinator however, truth be told you like to do things when you feel the time and energy is right.

This was posted in response to The Daily Prompt on The Daily Post.

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