All Hail The Renaissance Soul!

Choose one subject Rosie? Can you really manage all that Rosie? Music, writing, video editing and cooking…. Seriously? Gosh!!! You are blogging again?

These are hobbies. You can’t waste your time over this. Go find yourself a proper job.

How can you get bored with every job you take up? You sure are going to end up broke one day.

Why can’t you make up your mind? Choose something you like and stick to it!! It is not that hard to do!!!!

………. Or is it?

I was on the verge of running round in circles, yelling at the top of my voice….. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I hate this world and all its norms and expected behavior.

I mean c’mon!!! Here I am at the age of 24 trying “to pick” a career. I am supposed to have chosen tourism which I love but I still have this never ending list of interests. When am I going to do all of that?

An interesting thought just struck me; why have I chosen tourism for a so called career? How did I manage to narrow in on one career path? I have a fantastic explanation.

You see, for me travel relates to architecture, art, food, drink, music, literature, nature, photography, culture, blogging, vlogging, knowledge and probably something to do with novelty. So my confused soul believes that a career in this industry is sure to treat me with a Matchday VIP Package to see Los Blancos play my beloved Manchester United. (Madridistas, you will NOT taunt me!) I could probably even learn about Sufi music or maybe get a chance to see that original intricate Egyptian Art or find myself munching on Carimañolas in Panama.

Yes I know the reality of working in the tourism industry but I love to dream… So this is my idea and I am going to expect it to turn out that way. (I will be slogging my ass off so hard for so long that by the time I get those tickets, Wazza, RVP, Ronnie and Iker will probably have retired and my mind would only be able to focus on rail and air connections from Lisbon to Bern to Paris to Athens.)

What I am trying to get at is actually something way more serious than the crap I just told you about. I have all these different interests which do not necessarily link up to each other. And I am not at all willing to give up on any of them; in fact I would be more than happy to keep adding to the list.

Because of all the career tests and advice I have taken and received I now know better that none of this “choosing” will ever work for me. I am just not that kind of person who can “narrow down” stuff. I even visited a career counselor who (believe me she must be put in one of those catapult things and be fired from her job) told me, “Yes you have many interests but you cannot develop all of them. Film-making and art appreciation are things you can do for fun but you must get a real job and in order to do that you must focus on what you really want.”

Well lady, I’ll tell YOU what I really want. I want to do all the stuff that fascinates me. I’ll be a writer and an animal activist, maybe a philosopher or a gardener. What about a baker or one of those mobile app developers? Heck, I’ll be all of it because it makes me happy. And trust me; it is better to be poor and happy than to be rich and suicidal.

So to cut a long never ending story short, I recently found out that people like me are just wired differently. We have loads of interests, do things based on our energy (like what we feel like doing) and tend to move on after we complete something. We may even just leave it undone should our interest in that particular task begin to decline.

Some call us ‘The Renaissance Soul’ while others prefer using the term ‘Multipotenialists’ but I believe it is plain simple ‘Boxer Mentality’. Either way, I realized I was not alone and being the way I am is not such a bad thing after all. I mean how could it be bad if you are categorized alongside Michelangelo and Ben Franklin. I mean most of those Renaissance dudes were uber-cool…. I got one name for you: Leonardo da Vinci.

So having explained my personality, it is pretty much self-explanatory why this blog will have a range of topics with a variety of writing styles and numerous hiatuses. But I aim to keep it up and kicking with lots of adoxographical (If it ain’t already a word, I just coined it then) stuff to entertain me and the masses.


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